What is it?

MOV Shows is a new and exciting avenue of advertising for local businesses.

MOVID Studios creates online series’ which feature local businesses. These series’ are sponsored by you, the local business owner, and provides unique, rich and informative online content for you to share wherever you like, as well as exposure to thousands of viewers anywhere at any time on any device.


MOVSHOWS is a new and exciting online network developed by MOVID Studios in Vienna WV. The goal of MOV Shows is to usher in a new era of entertainment and local programming with a format that is modern and accessible. Online video and streaming is one of the largest growing industries in the United States.  MOVShows provides a quality platform for local businesses and organizations to get involved. With local support we will be able to develop and grow a massive network of online entertainment designed specifically to be viewed on today’s devices.

How it works

  1. We create high quality shows focusing on what businesses offer, like landscaping, cooking construction, health, entertainment, science, law and more.
  2. Local businesses can sponsor a season and get their own local show featuring their business, people and expertise. Or they can choose one of many advertising options within the shows and online platforms for amazing local exposure.
  3. We distribute the show through our online network, putting it in front of thousands of people and provide the sponsors the ability to share it on their own websites and social networks.
  4. Viewers from around the area and beyond watch the shows on any device at any time and learn about the local business’s products and services while gaining helpful information.
  5. This new and innovative system to advertising locally bridges the gap through all generations, and provides local businesses real advertising options when it comes to online media.

You have the opportunity to be part of this new system by sponsoring online shows that:

  • Feature your business with high quality media designed for today’s devices
  • Gives helpful information, tips, tricks and more to the local area and beyond
  • Opens up your business and/or products to new generations of customers
  • Creates a permanent resource of advertising and information for life of the project
  • Is in line with the future of media watching in our current high tech culture

Our goal is to create a massive library of informative and entertaining material that generations of customers can watch on any device, at any time and enjoy for years to come.   About Mov Shows.

Market Facts

  • Internet usage has increased 43% since 2000 with a total of 87% of the population regularly using the internet everyday.

  • People on the Internet watched 38.2 billion free videos online in the second quarter of 2014, a 43% jump over the same quarter in 2013. Almost three-fifths of those videos were viewed on smartphones.

  • Video views from social networks far out perform any other method of referral online, with Facebook referrals topping out at 75%

  • Online videos vs traditional television shows that online viewing is overtaking traditional television watching. With the length of the shows playing an important role in popularity and accessibility.

The Show Business

Never before has there been a platform for Local Businesses that truly utilizes the power of online media. MOV Shows are developed locally, shot locally & support local businesses with leveraging quality online content that is specifically designed for today’s media devices and viewing habits.

Show Concept

  • Each show is based around one subject matter, such as cooking.
  • Each show is produced in seasons consiting of a series of episodes.
  • Each season or each episode will have one primary sponsor.

Season Breakdown

  • Each season has up to ten 10 minute episodes.
  • Each episode consists of eight minutes on one topic.
  • Each episode will be released weekly.

All episodes will be available online and remain online permanently.

Episode Breakdown

Opener - :15
Seconds Show Sponsor Tag - :05
Seconds Segment #1 - 4:00 Minutes
:30 Second Break
Segment #2 - 4:00 Minutes
Sponsor Tag - :05 Seconds
Credits - :35 Seconds
:30 Second End Break